Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Video: Sortation in the Conveyor Industry

Sortation in the Conveyor Industry

Credits: Hytrol, abelwomack1

In this video, it illustrates a sortation conveyor system. In many times, products must be sorted from one line to another or from one area to another. Hence, a sortation conveyor system would come in handy.

It also shows the different types of sortation conveyors being used such as sliding shoe sorter, diverter, etc. not only that, other types of conveyors could also be seen in the video. For example, skate wheel conveyors, belt conveyors and many more.

Video: VAI Integration: Waytek inc.

Waytek inc.

Credits: Waytek inc, vormittagvai

In this video, it illustrates the daily activities (order picking, packing, etc.) occurring in Waytek Inc. It mentions the types of material handling equipment being used during each of the processes such as carousel, conveyors, RF scan) and how each of these equipment had contributed in improving the throughput levels and the efficiency in Waytek inc.