Monday, January 7, 2008

Roller Conveyors

1) Gravity roller conveyors

An alternative to wheel conveyor as both have similar applications. It is suitable for heavy-duty products and is also used for accumulating loads. Although the cost is higher, but it is more effective in handling of the heavier items than wheel conveyor.The slope for gravity movement depends on load weight.

More rugged in construction than wheel-type conveyors and is good for impact loading;
More flexible than wheel-type conveyors and will handle a wider variety of products
Good for side loading and unloading.

More expensive than wheel-type conveyors
Heavy in weight and therefore not as portable.

2) Live (powered) roller conveyors

It is belt or chain driven and it has a force-sensitive transmission that can be used to disengage rollers for accumulation. It can be used for accumulating loads and merging/sorting operations.

Fast, effective horizontal transportation over long distances;
Good for use in applications where products are side unloaded or loaded onto the conveyor, such as at merges or at sortation points
Offer limited accumulation with minimum line pressure
Enable loads that needs to be re-orientated on the conveyor
Lower power requirements


Noisier than belt conveyors;
Less flexible with the range of product that can be handled (belts more flexible); and
More expensive than belt conveyors.

3) Chain roller Conveyors

It uses one or more endless chains on which loads are carried directly. The parallel chain configuration is used to transport pallets and it is often used to transport tote boxes and pallets


David Clark said...

Conveyor rollers are used to carry tray, drums, boxes used in food industries like dairy, meat chocolates, pharmaceutical industries, oil industries etc. They can easily & swiftly transport the goods.

Jane Fairfax said...

We have been thinking of getting conveyors for our business. We are producing a lot more than we used to, and a conveyor would make moving it a lot easier. Having tools like this can help us keep growing like we have been, which is always a good thing.

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Manoj Singh said...

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Cherish Paul said...
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